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Unpublished Harper’s Bazaar China Jensen photoshoots

If you want to repost, please credit Jensen China fanclub [x]

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"I’ve got this tiny pang of regret when I think of how much I have probably missed out on in the last few years because I was too scared to take a risk, or too shy to speak up, or too worried to be bold."
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Creature From the Black Lagoon (1954)

Creature From the Black Lagoon (1954)

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"Don’t trust charming. Why? Because the boy who can talk all the right words knows it too well. Things like boys and love aren’t meant to be practiced like that, it should be a bit awkward- it should be raw."
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“I was walking down the boardwalk in Venice Beach and some kids had probably two litters of puppies in a cardbord box. They were maybe a day to 3 days old and she was at the very bottom of the box and she couldn’t open her eyes yet. Nearly could fit into the palm of my hand.. and they were like ‘gimme 300 dollars!’ and I was like ‘I got 20 bucks on me. Give me the one that’s not gonna make it through the day.’ And I took her to the vet and he was like ‘I don’t know, man. She’s too young, she shouldn’t be away from her mom.’ So I bottle-fed her for a month and she used to kiss her way around which is how she got her name ‘Bisou’ - it means ‘kiss’ in french. And 12 years later, here she is.”


I… love… THIS MAN.

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